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The Technologies of the Future, What you should be learning

Mr Ritesh Shergill | Mr Farooq Haque | Ms Divya Varma

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Even before Covid-19, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics and cloud computing had been growing exponentially over the years. But in a short space of just seven months, these have become essential in today’s society amid the current global health crisis.

​With such a driving force behind this technological evolution, demand has tremendously increased for both jobs and individuals with the skills and knowledge that meet needs of digitally transformed industries and sectors.

​In 2018, it was reported that demand for AI skills had more than doubled since 2015, with the number of job postings up by 119 percent, according to the online job portal Indeed.

Through this webinar, we aim to share illuminating insights on:

  • Future scope of AI/ ML and Robotics 

  • How to pursue these career options

This webinar will cover:

Who is this webinar for?

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Ritesh Shergill

VP, Penny

As a leader: My journey in the software industry across various organizations, domains and cultures has taught me some invaluable lessons about efficiency and vision. I strive to apply whatever I have learnt to ensure maximum success wherever I choose to work. I love exploring the latest and greatest in tech as well as interacting and learning from the best minds working in the Industry.


As an author: I have published 2 books in the Earth 2327 series - Earth 2327 Xurian and Earth 2327 Son of Orion. Intend to complete this sci-fi adventure trilogy some time in the future.


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Mr Farooq Haque

CEO, Founder - Taxolawgy

Opportunities are everywhere. Yet everyone can't see them. And even if some are able to, very few act fast to grab them. One needs a whole new mindset to identify opportunities and encash them. But the good thing is it's a skill which can be learnt fast. One can ask a few questions to make it simple.

1. What's happening in the world around you?

2. Where is the world moving?

3. Which job roles are in demand?

4. How can you fit the missing links in the puzzle?

AI, Blockchain, Robotics and the like are definitely going to change our world, and that's what we will be discussing in this webinar. To bring out all the opportunities you guys can encash.


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Divya Varma 

Co-founder & COO,  


I believe in the power of dreams. Even during my undergrad, I would dream of being an entrepreneur and spend all my time watching videos of business leaders and aspiring minds on Youtube.


9 years down the line, I am co-founder of a company meeting many like-minded founders of successful startups and business leaders in person. And it still feels like a dream when I am sharing ideas, talking about innovations, growth and marketing strategies with them.

Recently, I was shortlisted by "Women Entrepreneur India" magazine as one of the top 10 best women leaders in the finance industry in 2021. 

It gives me immense satisfaction to guide the next-gen in finding their mojo, their purpose, their ikigai. 



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About Taxolawgy - Talks

A platform created for learning in a fun and engaging manner where a leader from across the world engage in a witty conversation with our founders. 

These innovative live brainstorming sessions are viewed by people participating from across the world. The session starts off with an intro of the guest and jumps into the topic for the day. It ends with a QnA hour where all participants can interact with the speaker. 

This helps people from different domains with an interest in a certain field understand the value these topics have in today's world. 


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