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How to ensure uninterrupted Business Growth?

A webinar to achieve excellence in all the business areas 

5th June 2021

3PM to 4PM

Team Growth Experts

Limited Seats only!


Decode the secret of business growth

Learn how to grow your business 

Learn how to optimise your sales 

Learn key areas of marketing 

Learn how to manage your finance 

Learn how to optimise your business process 

Learn how to get business funds

Ask your business-related queries from the growth expert panel 

A holistic webinar which will focus on 360  growth areas

Nothing is more frustrating than working ’round the clock and not generating an output equal to the input in your business. Granted, it’s common to invest on the front end of your business but, eventually, you want a return. You want to see the business grow.

Despite one’s best efforts to grow the business, some small business owners experience stunted or sluggish growth.

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A successful Business is like a Car. When each part operates efficiently, you enjoy the ride no matter the speed, but when any part fails, the whole car comes to a screeching halt. And so does your business. For smooth running and scalability, you need all the functions to run at their peak and in sync with one another. 
And that’s exactly what we do. We make entrepreneurs understand and build their organizations around this core principle. We are a team of experts from varied backgrounds with in-depth experience in the core functional areas, and we aspire to make your business truly great.
We offer a cohesive approach and offer truly holistic solutions covering all key functions of any business.

Who should join the webinar 



The Webinar is for those companies who get stagnated after a certain growth but have market potential.
Businesses often hit a revenue ceiling that does not allow growth, despite additional efforts and resources. While markets and competition flourish, business owners feel like a "100 crore Company stuck in a 30 crore Body"

SME Business owners and Management teams of 30+ crore organizations.

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Agenda of Webinar- Understand why do businesses stop growing and what can entrepreneurs do about it. 

The Growth Experts [Speakers]

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B2B Marketing for B2B Service Providers

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About Anoop

Anoop Kurup is a data-informed customer-driven marketer. He develops non-traditional marketing systems that grow B2B Business, with a focus on Automation. He specialises in utilising time tested concepts of marketing and mixing them with latest tech tools.

Over the past decade he has helped multiple companies grow their revenue and establish a marketing team.  He has worked in various sectors such as Education, B2B Saas, B2B Services, IT Management, Design, Workspaces, educational institutes, online courses, and apps. This is made possible by creating marketing strategies, setting up marketing systems, and teams that utilise automation to increase results and reduce costs.

Anoop focuses his efforts on 3 things while helping a company grow:

  1. 1Generate more leads at lower costs that meets sales requirements

  2. Create a team of  technology savvy marketers who will execute the marketing plan

  3. Automate to increase productivity and improve ROI from marketing


Anoop has 16 years of varied experience, starting from Engineering research at GE to marketing consulting. His strong background in research and deep analytics lends itself well in the field of modern data-driven marketing.


Marketing Coach

About Neetu 

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Ms. Bansal is a marketing coach and works with small and medium business owners, helping them create and navigate their SMarketing (sales and marketing) strategies.

With 25+ years as a business owner and a marketing professional, she brings her unique hands-on experiences to guide business owners in aligning their marketing and sales strategies.

She advocates “Customer Perspective” passionately across every function of marketing and sales. She is currently coaching businesses across India, the Middle East and the United States in their sales and marketing journeys.



Entrepreneur | Investor | Business Scale Up Coach

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About Samkit

Samkit Shah has completed his Bachelors of Engineering, followed by Post Graduation in Family Managed Business from S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research. He has scaled up multiple companies in his Family Business which is a Group of multiple companies in the Luxury space spanning over 5 countries. Has hands on experience on Manufacturing to Marketing, eventually leading as the Group CEO for 10 years. Relentless focus on execution and mindset of growth by design has ensured that the Family business has moved on to be a Professional run organization.

The experience of scaling up businesses gained over the years inspired him to help many other businesses scale up after initial years of growth. This led him to start his own Business Coaching Company, Aligned Pillars, helping Family businesses with Revenue of 50CR + to scale up to next level of growth. He has also been involved in the startup ecosystem both as an Angel Investor, investing in early stage startups and as a Mentor, helping promising businesses and their Leadership Teams.

Expertise: Leadership, Strategy, Business Operation Execution, Marketing and Sales Productivity, Building and managing strong Human Resource Talents.


R Ramakrishnan

Business Consultant

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About Ramakrishna

A Business Consultant, mentor and a Sales Leader with close to 34 years of work experience as a Sales, Customer Service and operations professional with experience across a spectrum of industries viz., Office Equipment, Telecom, Life Insurance and Real Estate. 


He has lead and  large teams and nurtured many of his team mates, many of who are in senior leadership positions in large corporations in India and abroad.


Ram currently consults largely with varied sectors in the SME space and works closely with the business owners to help and guide them in their business journey. He has particularly worked a lot with SaaS businesses in the past 5 years, helping them with their GTM strategy and setting up their Sales Channels