A Newly Upgraded Masterclass That Will Change The Way You Sell

Become a great storyteller, achieve more in sales by doing less and identify unknown needs of your clients

Join Salespreneur®  Amit Agarwal on 6th June 2021 as he shares  four powerful sutras to become a trusted advisor and create predictable Sales

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Amit Agarwal

Creating an ecosystem of EPIC Sales Salespreneur® | Author | One thing evangelist I Speaker I Mindpreneur


Interactive Session 

3 Hours



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What You'll Learn

  • Sales Sutra 1:Metaphors, a sign of pure genius

  • Sales Sutra 2: Stories, the key to  captivate your audience

  • Sales Sutra 3: Mount Everest of Needs

  • Sales Sutra 4: The Magic of one thing in Sales.

 Become a Persuasion powerhouse  using just two words

Master  4 simple steps to become a great storyteller

Use a structured method to  decode the unmet and unknown needs of your customer

Achieve more in Sales by doing Less.

By the end of this live Masterclass, you will master these four sutras to become a trusted advisor and create predictable sales.

About Amit Agarwal

Amit is a Salespreneur®, who believes that Sales is Social entrepreneurship because every sale is an opportunity to bring joy, generate livelihood, create customer value and build wealth for the economy.

An IIT-IIM alumnus, Amit has professional selling experience in 23 countries across bootstrapped, series A , B, C and D startups.He is the author of the Book 'The Ultimate Sales Accelerator' and creator of a new sales strategy called ' Use Case Selling®'.

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What people say about Amit...

Amit is a mentor's mentor when it comes to sales. During his workshop at Yourstory Techsparks 2019, he presented a few of key game changer techniques that can take your sales game to a whole new level. His structured and process-driven approach to sales is completely the opposite of the popular wisdom of whatsapping motivational quotes to your sales team. If there is one learning from Amit, that will stay with me for the longest time is -  Successful salespeople are not mercenaries, they are missionaries. Thank you Amit!

Mrigank Devam, CEO at ViralOps

Amit Agarwal an EPIC applause from our side. Thanks for taking time to be at our Campus and share your insights on selling. I can only say that 'All his words were but crumbs that fell down from the feast of his mind' (adapted METAPHOR from Khalil Gibran). If I had to pick up ONE THING from his lecture; it is his ability to make complex MAGIC MATRIX look simple. MOST FEW NONE could have done it. As Marcel Proust put long time back 'let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom'. We wish you the best and happy life ahead

Sridhar Guda, Professor at IIM Kozhikode

Awesome session on 'The Ultimate Sales Accelerator' by Amit Agarwal at NASSCOM event on 20th Sept. Thank you Amit for sharing your insights with 5 sales sutras. My favourite being 'The magic of One Thing'. Thank you NASSCOM Maharashtra for organizing such sessions.

Piyush Bhamare, Chief Marketing Officer , Bitpod

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  • Bonus 1 : Each participant will get a copy of the Book ‘The Ultimate Sales Accelerator’ - worth Rs 499

  • Bonus 2: 30 min Live session on ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Sales   worth 4999 Participants can ask any question to Amit Agarwal on Sales

  • Bonus 3:  Visual handbook on 10 inspiring and transformative quotes in Sales - worth 199

Masterclass Schedule

6 June 2021 - 11 am to 2pm

  • Live Session 1:Covers 4 Sales Sturas 

  • Live Session 2​: Exercise & Clarifications


  • Live Session 3: Participants can ask any question to Amit Agarwal on Sales.This is part of Bonus 2

Duration: 2.5 Hrs (Includes a 15 min break after 75 mins)

Participants will share the learnings after completing the  exercises  and seek clarifications

Duration :45 mins

Duration :30 min

Who would benefit from this Masterclass 

If you are selling a product , service or an idea , then this workshop is for you.

The table below provides mapping for workshop three key themes with audience profile.

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